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All photocopiers have problems and can come up Ricoh colour copier reset code

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Here at Trade Price copiers we've noticed that more people are renting their copier than purchasing the copier outright. Buying a standard office copier is an expensive problem for most businesses : The average office copiers cost between 5,000 to 8,000, with high-end  colour photocopiers reaching up to 30,000. And  as we all know copiers are prone for requiring frequent servicing , due to toner and bits of paper plus the many moving parts inside an office copier . For these reasons and more, copier renting is an attractive choice for many businesses.

Most small business owners tell us that their primary reason to rent / hire a copier  lets them avoid the significant capital outlay required to purchase one outright. In addition, because the technology changes quickly, copier rentals often include provisions to upgrade to a newer model. With the option of renting this allow you to walk away from a copy machine if your dissatisfied with the service or the photocopier , increasing your financial flexibility if you can't afford ongoing monthly payments. Trade Price Copiers require no tie in contracts on its back & white copier and only a minimum of 6 months contract on its colour photocopier rentals

Why spends thousands buying a copier that you will be stuck with when you can rent a copier than you can upgrade at anytime because technology changes so quickly .

If you bought a copier on lease or spent thousands to buy it outright think how much technology has changed in the last five years most people still have a copier you can't network to their computers and still plod on with old fashioned desktop laser printers because they can't afford to buy another .photocopier