I can't check my 16 year old daughter / son child onto Ryanair  and it won't let me click on the 1997 date

Trying to check in online but it won't let me do this and 1997 is blanked out

Panic has set in and no one can help but it seems that their is an easy way of solving this.

Today I was just checking in my family when I came to checking in my daughter who is sixteen and all of a sudden the year 1997 is blanked out ( grey box ) and I find out that when I'm booking this flight the area where it says passenger numbers in children it shows this <16 straight forward I'm thinking


 but actually find out at a later date on other internet forums when first booking  <16 means child actually means that your child should be under 16

OK what I did was call 0871 246 0000  Ryanairs help desk that cost 10 pence per minute explain that you thought that when booking this meant child was 16 years of age and didn't realise it meant under 16 they then kindly alter this on their system at no extra cost and is straight forward thanks to the great staff at Ryanair

Have your child's passport ready when you call as they will ask for the details from it so they can change it on their system

Now you go into manage my bookings on the Ryanair website then into Online check-in and your 16 year old child should be checked in by Ryanairs call centre staff and you just check the rest of your party in.

Bingo happy holidays

This has worked for me and lots of other people I've told




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